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We do urban/wilderness searches. We are free, so do not hesitate to contact us, the sooner we are out, chances are better to find the missing person.

We are ground search organization. We are called in usually by someone related to the lost or missing person. Law enforcement may also call us in.

Call us immediately when someone is missing.  The sooner we are called and out in the field the quicker we can find the person. The more information and pictures you have when we arrive, the easier we can get in motion

Greater Michigan Search And Rescue is a volunteer organization.

We are a ground search team. We have trained leaders and searchers who will each take out a small group of volunteer searchers into urban searches, rural searches, wilderness searches to look for lost and missing persons.

We will go anywhere in the state of Michigan and other surroundings states.

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Greater Michigan Search And Rescue

11191 Riverview Dr, Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439, United States

(810) 432-0020